Dark North



I do not accept returns or exchanges. 

"are your items haunted?"

no way!!!  I only collect items that have GOOD energy.  

If you're concerned that previously owned items may have negative energy, I would suggest spiritually cleansing the items which you can do in a variety of ways including smoke, Selenite, visualization, etc. There lots of info out there about this.. 

"can I get another one of this sold out thing?"

probably not.  I do come across the same/ similar items from time to time that I have previously sold in my shop.  If you're dying to get your hands on something I already sold, you're welcome to send me a message and Im happy to keep a look out for you.


All photos are my artwork, by me, mostly of my things.  If you'd like to repost my images its ok as long as you credit me, and tag me.  I however would encourage you to create your own content as its much more rewarding and magickal than reposting others.  Anyone can create, it only takes practice.  I believe in you!

I do filter my pictures, so if you'd like some clear shots of an item you'd like to by send me a DM!  

I LOVE to see photos you took of its/ jewelry you got from me! Please send them! I love to repost these pics, mostly in my IG stories.  Im hoping to add a whole page of your photos to my site sometime.


I try to keep shipping as quick and affordable as possible.  If you live in the US most items will cost between $5 and $15 to ship.  Prices will show once you add it to your cart. I have flat rate shipping. Most items cost the same price to ship  because try to sell smaller items. If you live in MA, NH, NY, CT, ME, VT, and you buy a larger item that has a higher shipping price, it is likely you will recieve a partial refund from me because  its cheaper for me to ship there. Often, not always depending upon the cost to ship of course. 

For international shipping please feel free to DM me on Instagram and I will be happy to calculate for you.  

I'm more than happy to rush ship anything but for US orders you should be getting your item in less than a week.  

I try to use recycled materials as often as possible.


Im sorry, I do not hold items.  I on very special occasion will make payment plans for high priced items.


All of the jewelry that I make is about celebrating the magick of stones. I use sterling silver for all my current work, and hand pick each stone that I feel energetically connected to.  Stones can be powerful healing tools, and are also a beautiful, natural accessory, just for fun.

Want something custom from me?  I love getting custom orders!  How it works:  Let me know what types of stones you like, and I will send you pictures of ones I have to choose from.   From there we can talk about settings and details.  It usually takes me anywhere from 2 weeks to a month to have your order done.  I am able to do it pretty quick is necessary.  Starting this year I am asking you to put down a 50%  Deposit to get started.  My prices vary based on the size, the amount of silver, the cost of the stone, and the complexity of the design.  

In addition to custom designs, I release small collections every month or 2.  Details are posted on instagram.    






want more details? curious about something?  If you ever have any questions about something you see here I'm always happy to answer them so email or instagram DM me and I can usually get back to you that day.  

Please know that I am one person. I do all my sourcing,  photos, shipping,  jewelry,  events and everything else. I try to respond to messages as soon possible.  Thank you for being patient!